What do Professional Cleaners do to Keep Your office Clean?

house cleaning experts when you need professional services that keep your
business looking its best. Cleaners come to your office with the right cleaning
products and equipment to ensure your place is never dirty or unhealthy. It is
important to schedule professional services to stay safe and avoid the need to

The Clean Team: Services Available to Offices

What can you expect cleaners to do when you hire them to clean your office? Take a look
at a portion of the services available. Remember, customized cleaning solutions
can benefit your business if you prefer additional or other services not
included on this list.

Empty garbage bins and replace garbage bags

·    Vacuum carpets

·    Sweep hard floors.

·    Dust furniture and office equipment

·    Disinfect furniture and office equipment

·    Mop and disinfect hard floors

·    Remove fingerprints from walls/light switches

·    Window cleaning service

·    Clean and disinfect toilets and urinals

·    Clean bathroom mirrors and glass

·    Disinfect all bathroom surfaces

·    Sweep and mop floors

·    Refill toilet paper and other bathroom necessities

·    Clean light switches and wipe fingerprints.

·    Clean windows.

commercial floor cleaning in Greenville, SC

·    Wipe down kitchen and cafeteria surfaces, including sinks, tables and chairs

·    Clean microwaves, coffeemakers, etc.

·    Refill paper towels, hand soap, etc.

·    Clean kitchen or cafeteria floors

·    Polish floors

·    Clean and sanitize refrigerators, microwaves and other kitchen appliances.

·    Clean telephones and computers

More Services Available

Don’t forget that annual services like commercial floor cleaning in Greenville, SC and
window cleaning service also benefit your business and ensure that it looks its
best at all times. The frequency in which you need other services like those
above vary from one office to the next.  What is certain is that cleaning
services ensure your place looks its best. Schedule cleaning service and keep your
office clean.